Autumn Hacks II

Oct. 30th - Nov. 1st

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What is this about?

Autumn Hacks is an Online Hackathon! Online Hackathons are held remotely. A hackathon is a marathon where you build something with tech by working with people around the globe. It isn’t about hacking into a system, it is about hacking something together and learning a great deal in the process.

Do you have tracks?

Instead of having different challenges or problem statements, with Autumn Hacks II, we've decided to have separate tracks. Your project doesn't have to fit perfectly into one track, it could be a mix and match of several (or all of them) and you can submit to multiple tracks (if you wish to) as well! We've chosen these tracks based on areas where we think that tech could be used to help solve some of the problems that the world is currently facing.

What is Autumn Hacks II?

We’ve heard hackers saying, I’m Not Lazy, I’m Just Unmotivated!, I don’t think I am capable enough to participate in a Hackathon.

Autumn Hacks is accessible to all and not intended to exclude anyone! We want to eliminate competition and focus on building together, we want everyone to participate and build together instead of building to prove superiority!
Autumn Hacks is a hackathon designed to encourage developers and problem solvers to build hacks that address global challenges and make this world a better place to live. It is a safe and inclusive space for Hackers to hack on what they love the most, together.

Have more questions?

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Diversity and Inclusion

The 21st century has brought the entire world close and with that comes the need for us to value the importance of diversity and inclusion. Hacks in this track should focus on solutions that can bridge the diversity gap across various metrics like gender, ethnicity and more. And not just that, diversity in terms on language, age, background and all ways possible. Together, let us make the world a more welcoming place for all.

Data and Privacy

Many of us, our parents and relatives are venturing to the online world and many of them are unaware of the importance of security. How can we make the experience of new users who are new to these technologies use them securely? With the global pandemic, which was more than unexpected to us, the whole world is shifting towards a Work From Home / Study From Home culture and increased use of online services for communication, virtual conferencing, file sharing, and many more. With this, how should we respond, how should we feel, how should we handle this, what can be done, what should be done? With so many unanswered questions, it is time to get a new perspective on data privacy and security.

Health and People

It has always been Health before Wealth. Now that we all are stuck at our homes and doing all the work, we need to take care of our health more than ever. Starting from Mental Health to making people feel motivated and kickstart their day, boost productivity to Women's Menstrual Health, or maybe something that solves an immediate Health issue! Hack to create a positive impact on those fields!

Old Hacks

Haven't we all have worked on a project at a former hackathon and then completely forgot about it after the weekend. The Old Hacks track is to bring back to to life the amazing projects by you at former hackathons and make it into an extra-ordinary project by improving it. What better to work on than an old project of yours which you love. All submissions to this track should have been submitted to a former hackathon, at least a week before and should use the same GitHub repo.